Proper network design is critical to getting maximum value out of your hardware and software investments. 4FX engineers design, implement, and manage IT networks for our clients that help their employees perform at peak efficiency. Through an in-depth understanding of computer hardware and systems, we are able to deliver the most secure, stable and robust network infrastructure for your business.

Our expert network design can help you in many ways.

  • Improved productivity. Employees can work more efficiently, as a network allows information to be shared by all employees regardless of where the information is stored.
  • Improved communications. Networked applications, such as e-mail, calendar and scheduling, and other “groupware” features, aid collaboration in the office. 
  • Superior asset management. Safeguard your critical intellectual assets by centralizing mission-critical data and applications while still allowing access to all users who need them. 
  • Lower equipment costs. Users can share printers and other office hardware.